Christian Warriors

Welcome to my blog, I am working on some specific topics over the next year. To hopefully encourage my Christian friends with hurts, hang-ups and habits find some peace in this world that can seem to be overwhelming sometimes.

How do we stay organized and on task, knowing that God has a perfect plan for our day?

This week has been one of those weeks where it seems like I work all day and at the end feel like I really didn’t get much done.

Does anyone else ever those kinds of days? We start out with the skills we have been taught. Like the following to plan for the day.

  • Pray in gratitude for the day the Lord has given us.
  • Thank the Lord for opportunities to grow and accomplish what is ahead of us for the day.
  • Make a list
  • Prioritize the list.
  • Highlight the top ten things to accomplish for the day.
  • Start working and checking off tasks.

Then the evil one starts in on us to frustrate us, confuse us and destroy our confidence to accomplish things on our list. Then we find ourselves;

  • Getting more tasks popping up, which the evil one uses to get us to start the whole process over. Abandon our plan for the day. Start feeling the stress roll in.
  • As we are fighting with computer crashes, software issues and phone calls, text messages, emails, that throw us right off the track, we might feel like;
    • We are not a good communicators
    • The other party just doesn’t care? Because none of the responses we are getting are anywhere close to the reactions, we were expecting?
    • These things seem pointless and are creating more distractions we don’t need.
    • Seems to take priority over what we were working on at the time.
    • You know anything that stalls the progress we desire to achieve.

Well, that is the point of the day where we should take a deep breath. Then, if we have prayed to start the day, we remember who we serve, The Lord Jesus Christ. (If we have forgotten this most crucial part of the day, we stop right there and offer a prayer of forgiveness. a prayer of gratitude and thankful prayer for the day!)

The Lord steps in and compassionately reminds us, #GodHasThis. As I feel overwhelmed with what seems to be an impossible task, He tells us, #GodHasThis. As we continue in our human nature to take over and fix everything ourselves, He reminds us, #GodHasThis, if we will just surrender it to Him.

Then, we are encouraged because we know that the work we are doing is for the Lord. (Whether that is as a Doctor, Trash Collector, Pastor or stay at home mother and wife or anything in between.)

Let me tell that makes the evil one stomping mad. He absolutely wants us to feel like a failure, incompetent and not worthy. So, when this happens, we know that we are doing something right. Right?

If you are reading this post today, and feel this way sometimes? You are definitely not alone. We all have moments when we feel like nothing is happening the way we would expect. But, if we can just take a step back and look at what we have accomplished, it is usually pretty impressive. Especially if we have taken the first and most important step of the day and prayed. Our expectations, from ourselves, bosses, spouses and children are sometimes unachievable in the timeframe we have been given. we need to be realistic in the tasks we set for ourselves. Sometimes we need to break apart tasks into several small tasks so we don’t overwhelm ourselves.

Let me encourage you, you are making progress. Regardless of what you might be hearing in your own head, or from others, you are accomplishing some goal. As Albert Einstein said, “There are no failures, there are only results, if you are not getting the results you expected, make a change and try again.” ( I would add to that, “Pray and ask God what change needs to be made and try again”) Anytime we step out in faith, do God’s work, seek His will in our daily plans, He will in His timing give us the results He wants. That may not be what the ‘World’ is looking for, but that is ok because.

He is the only one that really matters! He is accomplishing what He wants to be done through YOU!

Have a blessed day, thanks for reading my blog and see you next time. Please sign up for my feed if you want to know when I update or post something new you might be interested in.

Also, if you have any topics or questions you would like me to address, please send me an email. I will respond personally to all emails, thanks Chef Monty.

“Happy are the pure in heart.” (Matthew 5:8)



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